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[FAQ] Your answers are answered here!

  • Dec. 20th, 2012 at 8:05 PM
FAQ. Post your questions or find the answers you want!

1) What do you sell?
I sell Japanese magazines mainly, which is mostly Johnny Junior related. I also do sell Chinese CDs. Japanese or Korean stuff could be randomly be found here and there in this comm. ^^ Please do look out for it!

2) Where are you shipping the items from? Do you ship to ____?
I am shipping the items from Singapore. And yes, I ship to all over the world!

3) How much is shipping? What are the choices I have for postage?
Shipping varies, it depends on the items and the weight. You have 2 choices for postage. Air Mail [More expensive, but faster(8-14days)] and Surface Mail[Cheaper, but slower(6-10weeks)]. Shipping includes registering the item you bought. ^^

4)How long do I have to wait till I receive my items?
It depends on the postage. Airmail usually takes 8 - 14 days. And surface mail, 6 - 10 weeks. But of course it varies. Because of holidays, and also my school hours are a bit hectic. I try to post out the items ASAP, or if not every Saturday or Sunday of the week.

5)Are prices negotiable?
Yes. Some prices are negotiable. But please do bear in mind, not all items are negotiable. Please ask first! ^^

6)Whay payment do you accept?
I accept Paypal, Concealed Cash and Bank Transfer(Singaporean only).

7)Are your items authentic?
Yes, they are. The Japanese magazines are mainly purchased in Books Kinokuniya, and the CD in authorized CD shops, some are even imported from Taiwan.

8)Are the Autographs on the album real?
They may not look like it, but it is real.
I went to the artiste's Autograph sessions and got my album signed. Taiwanese Artiste makes frequent trips to Singapore, so if that day, I'm free I would definately go and get my album signed. That is, if I've bought the albums.

The x2 autographs is really out of craziness, psycotic-ness and plain playfulness. Sometimes when you're too free after getting an autogrpah, you tend to queue again and get the same album autograph, not for the autograph, but actually to see them again, hence signing x2.

If you have more enquires, please do leave a comment!


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